Apache Annotator provides annotation enabling code for browsers, servers, and humans.

Growing out of the experiences with web annotation software (Annotator.js, Hypothes.is, and others), Apache Annotator is a collaboration between developers of annotation tools to bundle our efforts.

The goal is to help developers of annotation tools create their applications without having to reinvent the wheel, while applying a standards-driven approach based on the W3C’s Web Annotation data model, in order to facilitate an ecosystem of interoperable annotation tools — ideally making annotations an integral part of the web.

We are currently working on a basic set of modules for core tasks such as anchoring annotations to their targets. We welcome developers and community members interested in the future of annotation. Please reach out on our mailing list or join us on one of our weekly calls! We'd love to have your input and help.



Apache Annotator code & build tools


Version 0.2.0
Convenience package built from the release archive.


Human interactions happen in the IRC chat room and via the mailing list.

IRC chat room

Find us in #annotator on libera.chat.

Mailing list

The dev@ mailing list. Comments made via GitHub also appear there.

Subscribe to the mailing list by sending an (empty) email to dev-subscribe@annotator.incubator.apache.org. Once you’re in, feel free to introduce yourself and tell about your interest in Annotator!